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cromwest3nyv9aHouse GOP to vote for new speaker, but won't be last word2015-10-08 06:12:22 AM
User_Name133nyv42Victory for Meat Lobby After USDA Nixes Climate Considerations2015-10-08 06:11:20 AM
Jonnyrashid3nyuviBen Carson: 'Body With Bullet Holes' Preferable to Gun Control2015-10-08 06:09:16 AM
pnewell3nyurhAll Climate Change Is Local - By Michael R. Bloomberg & John F. Kerry2015-10-08 06:08:20 AM
smokeyjoe693nyun32012 BEN BERNANKE vs. RON PAUL - 3 Brutal Rounds2015-10-08 06:07:14 AM
Yeauxlanda3nyukmKevin McCarthy, the possible new Speaker of the House apparently has challenges with speaking2015-10-08 06:06:40 AM
JimmyNelson3nyujbData firm gives FBI all backed-up Clinton emails2015-10-08 06:06:18 AM
your_karma_is_mine3nyu8xPretty photos, small companies: how the White House is selling TPP2015-10-08 06:03:44 AM
RNutt3nytmmRupert Murdoch: Ben Carson would be a 'real black president'2015-10-08 05:58:39 AM
Shawnsteindavis3nytj4Did CNN Just Admit The US is Helping ISIS?2015-10-08 05:57:57 AM
geargirl3nytgzToday, the odds that the Republicans will win big in November 2016 are less than even. A GOP that was on the cusp of controlling the presidency and Congress has instead decided to present itself to American voters as a party of factions and niche players.2015-10-08 05:57:25 AM
NormalDesmond3nysxnThese Are the People Trying to "Fire McCarthy"2015-10-08 05:52:58 AM
JimmyNelson3nysljIran's supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States2015-10-08 05:50:08 AM
TheDemocracyIsUs3nysk8California enacts ambitious renewable energy law2015-10-08 05:49:47 AM
LvilleCards53nysdgWhy Hillary Clinton's TPP opposition is unnerving2015-10-08 05:48:17 AM
breakno3nys9uJeb Bush: Dad is 'strong as a goat' - "He's watching FOX, getting mad about people that attack me. I feel like I'm making a contribution to keep him strong."2015-10-08 05:47:19 AM
Jonnyrashid3nyrrqInside Bernie Sanders’ unorthodox debate prep2015-10-08 05:43:03 AM
Jonnyrashid3nyrmaKristof: "No president has ever been as inexperienced as any of these three leading Republican candidates."2015-10-08 05:41:37 AM
Sybles3nyrixThe Wealth Elasticity of Political Contributions by the Forbes 4002015-10-08 05:40:36 AM
TheDemocracyIsUs3nyr5iSenate approves defense bill despite veto threat2015-10-08 05:37:29 AM
EMPEROR_TRUMP_20163nyqx3Morning Consult National Poll – Donald Trump Commanding Lead 31%2015-10-08 05:35:41 AM
LackingAHeart3nyqrcBernie Sanders: ‘Don’t be surprised if we do well with a number of Republicans’2015-10-08 05:34:15 AM
pnewell3nyqi6Climate Scientist Faces Backlash for Urging Investigation of Fossil Fuel Companies | Republican Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, who chairs the House committee, requested that Shukla and IGES "preserve all e-mail, electronic documents, and data (‘electronic records’) created since January 1, 2009,"2015-10-08 05:32:02 AM
EMPEROR_TRUMP_20163nyq9xRepublicans need a new plan to beat Donald Trump2015-10-08 05:29:50 AM