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winstonl3pu7m5Paul Ryan announces candidacy for House Speaker2015-10-22 04:37:01 PM
siegfried13pu7ixIn a Rare Work Appearance, Marco Rubio Says Government Employees Who Don't Do Their Jobs Should Be Fired2015-10-22 04:36:18 PM
RileyWWarrick3pu7e6Donald Trump is losing ground in Iowa. So his campaign decided to insult some Iowans.2015-10-22 04:35:18 PM
madam13pu6z5Attacks on Churches and Women’s Health Clinics Are Domestic Terrorism - Why don’t we treat these recent fires as serious acts of domestic terrorism? Caplan-Bricker contends that we are simply desensitized to all acts of public violence.2015-10-22 04:32:22 PM
marji803pu6jvCummings Responds to Explosive New Report on Chairman Gowdy’s Links to Stop Hillary PAC2015-10-22 04:29:10 PM
madam13pu67rBob Gale, the writer of Back To The Future Part II, has confirmed that the villain, Biff Tannen, was based on another power-hungry loudmouth with terrible hair, Donald Trump.2015-10-22 04:26:40 PM
NYPDestrian3pu5q5What You Need to Know About the Latest Drone Revelations2015-10-22 04:23:02 PM
RileyWWarrick3pu4okWhy Republicans keep bringing up Sidney Blumenthal at the Benghazi hearings2015-10-22 04:15:20 PM
herpderpedian3pu4dhBiff Tannen was based on Donald Trump, Back To The Future writer confirms2015-10-22 04:13:05 PM
evanFFTF3pu4bsTed Cruz Has Never Read CISA2015-10-22 04:12:43 PM
getahitcrash3pu45iObama vetoes $612 billion defense bill2015-10-22 04:11:25 PM
mjk10933pu448Fox News all but acknowledges the Benghazi hearing is a snooze: Even the network that ran almost 1,100 segments on Benghazi in the 20 months after the attack appears to be conceding that today’s marathon congressional hearing on the topic is going nowhere.2015-10-22 04:11:12 PM
ThreeFingersWide3pu3lrPaul Ryan announces plans to run for Speaker of the House.2015-10-22 04:07:15 PM
halfNelson893pu3ioCISA just passed the house...2015-10-22 04:06:35 PM
Gnome_Sane3pu3hdU.S. says Russia strikes in Syria bolster Islamic State militants2015-10-22 04:06:20 PM
cratermoon3pu38gSorry Airbnb, you don't get a gold star for paying taxes2015-10-22 04:04:49 PM
humbledog3pu36eScott Walker says he'll sign bill banning 'John Doe' probes, Walker was investigated by two John Doe probes but was never charged.2015-10-22 04:04:17 PM
livecono3pu2goHillary Clinton exposed the Benghazi boondoggle, but masked the real scandal2015-10-22 03:58:58 PM
Jonahrod203pu2b6Bernie: I wouldn't continue Obama legacy2015-10-22 03:57:53 PM
Smitty5333pu297Clinton To GOPer: I'm Sorry My Facts Don't 'Fit Your Narrative' On Benghazi2015-10-22 03:57:27 PM
Blythonigol3pu1yfCrowd prays with coach as he defies school district2015-10-22 03:55:13 PM
Somali_Pir83pu0t1Paul Ryan officially announces he's running for House Speaker2015-10-22 03:46:58 PM
SirBastionOfPimp3pu0qxFinding Signs Of Unity, Paul Ryan Officially Enters House Speaker Race.2015-10-22 03:46:30 PM
geargirl3pu0m3Cmte. members tear into each other as Clinton watches2015-10-22 03:45:34 PM
Jonahrod203pu045Paul Ryan officially running for speaker2015-10-22 03:41:44 PM